The Law of Action Book


The Law of Action: Master Key to the Universe We Actually Live In

By Theo E.J. Wilson

Let’s be realistic!  If staying mentally focused on only what you want were enough to attract it, you’d have it by now.  Although the laws of the mind are powerful tools, there is another side of the equation.  It’s the action factor.  It is the spiritual growth that comes from the doing, even if the doing is hard. There’s an elbow-grease component that is missing from modern metaphysics.   Too often, the teachings of today lack the backbone necessary to be universally applicable.   The fire has gone out of the philosophies, leaving us with a pile of watered down, westernized half-truths.  Quietly, the seekers have begun to rebel, misled by feel-good gurus who promise success for the masses, and deliver only for the few.  Is there a spiritual law that works anywhere in the world, regardless of class or material access?  How do we make sense of the darkness in our world (and in ourselves,) to the gain the understanding to transmute it?  The answer is The Law of Action.  In this book, Theo E.J. Wilson uses his own life to lay out a hands-on, practical, common sense guide to making the most of the potential latent within us all.   Purchase the e-book or physical copy here.